klimacamp lausitzBe part of the first Austrian Climate Camp, Sep29 – Oct2

Let’s come together in Vienna and fight for climate justice! From September 29 till October 2, the first Austrian Climate Camp takes place. We want to provide a space for the climate justice movement to connect, network and develop ideas. The camp should be a place for sharing ideas and information and get inspiration. A place for people to meet and work together on actions and strategies for a socio-ecological system change.

Where and when?
29. September to 2. Oktober, close to Vienna, in Enzersdorf an der Fischa :  Directions

What to do there?

There will be workshops, talks and discussions as well as preparation and organization for action. The program is flexible – everyone is invited to be part of this camp and help to develop it.  Let’s make it a colorful, open and exciting place where  climate justice and sustainable mobility is in the spotlight

At the camp the will be a ‘Volksküche’. This peoples kitschen will provide regional and seasonal food for everyone. The will be music and other entertainment, but we ask you to bring your own instruments and stuff to create a relaxed camp atmosphere.

Info Tent and Support

The info tent will be open from 7 am to 11 pm. If you have any questions or need something just stop by the tent. We will have information material available and for voluntary donations you will be able to get small items at a kiosk.

We ask all new arrivals to stop by the info tent to receive the newest camp updates, and if possible sign up for support tasks and leave the voluntary camp contribution. At this point we also ask everybody to be an active camp participant; help with the program creation and contribute with your ideas! Support is especially important for the kitchen, (toilet) cleaning, and night watch.

Weather Alert!

The climate camp takes place at the end of September, early October and we would like to remind you that the nights will probably be pretty cold. In addition to your tent it will be important to bring a thick sleeping bag and warm clothes.

Camp Contribution

During any climate camp there are a few expenses which have to be covered. We organize and plan on a voluntary basis; however, to make the camp possible we ask all camp participants for a small voluntary contribution for materials, transport, etc. A 5-10€ contribution per day would be awesome to cover some of the incurred expenses.

“Volksküche” (Peoples kitchen)

The “Volksküche” will cook for us 3x a day. Voluntary food contributions
can be donated by the “Volksküche”. Don’t save on the donations, we will
be treated with high quality regional and seasonal vegan cooking.

5-13€ suggested contribution


Sanitation facilities: There will be composing toilets and cold water showers available.

First aid: We will have paramedics and the necessary equipment on site.

Legal team: Also, there will be a person for legal questions. Further details will follow.

Out of Action/Awareness: We will have a quiet & awareness tent.

Trashcans: Please try to keep personal trash to a minimum and use the provided sorting system.

Internet: The organization team will not be able to provide any internet access.


When and Where will the Climate Camp take place?
29.9. to 2.10, Near Vienna, details will follow soon.

Besides … the climate camp needs You …
You want to help to organize the camp, to be a part in the Orga-Team? You want to give a workshop/training/input etc… Then just write us at: klimacamp@systemchange-not-climatechange.at

Icons_alles-deppert_12Why did we choose this date?
The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) wants to introduce a concept of “carbon neutral growth” for the air traffic. Therefore more details will be discussed in the next ICAQ – general assembly on the 27. of September this year in Montreal, Canada. System Change not Climate Change (SCNCC) wants as minimum 40 other organisations to arise attention to the events in Montreal on this date. Furthermore SCNCC wants to set a sign against the third runway of the airport Vienna. The System Change not Climate Change position paper in German can be found here.

Concerning questions, suggestions …
… just write us at: klimacamp@systemchange-not-climatechange.at.

We looking forward to see you!

All the best and see you soon,

„To change everything it takes everyone!”