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Yeah, Climate Games are coming to Vienna! For the first time, the Climate Games are taking place in Austria after stops in Paris, Amsterdam and Basel. The Climate Games provide an action framework in which the rising Climate Justice movement are showing its beauty and creativeness. In a huge range of different small group actions, we demonstrate that fighting climate justice isn‘t just a necessity, Climate Justice is achievable. Flash-mobs, Street-art and climbing actions are just a few examples of what might await us. Be imaginative and provocative. The Climate Camp provides a space to brainstorm, plan, prepare and practice for the games. It is up to you whether you prefer to organise something yourself or join an action. No matter what topic you‘ll like to focus on and how experienced you are, there will be something for everyone! Climate Change starts here and we will no longer accept it. Together we will fight for a brighter future!

What do we want? Climate Justice*!

*Climate Change is most strongly effecting those who had produced it the least. Therefore, the struggle for climate for is also a feminist, antiracist, anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist struggle, a struggle against animal exploitation and militarism.


How do I take part? Have a look at the Game manuel.
How should the action look like? What is the frame of the action? Have a look at the action concept and the action consensus!
Where are the place of climate INjustice? Have a look at the Black Book Vienna (only German).

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System Change, not Climate Change!