We would like to recommend you the following camps and actions!

Limity jsme my – Czech climate camp (CZ) 27th June to 1st July 2018

It is high time to put up resistance also in the Czech Republic. Two years ago, the government lifted the limits on coal mining in Bílina, in order to allow the state-owned energy company ČEZ to continue burning millions of tons of lignite. Private and state companies are threatening human living space, destroy the climate and health and deface the beautiful landscapes of North Bohemia. And despite speaking big words in Paris, politicians are not doing anything against it.

We won’t accept this any longer! Inspired by courageous examples of civil disobedience of the break-free movement last year we decided to act and stand up to the coal industry.

More infos here or on Facebook.

Climate camp Lausitz (D) 28th July to 5th August 2018

In 2018, the climate camp will be located in the Central German lignite region. Here MIBRAG is digging and burning climate-damaging coal; just like LEAG this company is owned by the Czech corporation EPH. Here, too, we will set up our camp on the site of climate- and environmental destruction to show that: coal, oil and gas need to stay in the ground.

Also the Degrowth Summer School will be taking place close to Leipzig. Additionally, from 3rd to 5th August actions of civil disobedience against coal will proceed.

Info at http://kohleersetzen.blogsport.eu/.

For more info please check this  or Facebook.

Climate camp in the Rhineland 11th to 22nd August 2018

This time, the Rhineland climate camp will focus on discussions inside the climate justice movement, in order to develop our structures and our strategies. Two international meetings will be hosted:

  • 15.-17. August: „Structures for Change!“ CJA-Meeting: People from climate justice groups around Europe can gather and reflect on their structures, their decision making, their capacities to involve new people and grow stronger, and find ways how to prevent stress and burnout. It would be great to register for the meeting.
  • 17.-19. August: „Strategy conference“ for mostly the German climate justice movement

More info here.

Climate camp Munich (D) 5th to 9th September 2018

T his year, there will be a climate camp also in Munich. The first camp will be devoted to the topic of mobility. You can expect a wide range of workshops and lectures. For an arrival from Austria Munich is of course a particularly close and obvious destination. If you want to travel there together, please write us a mail to info@systemchange-not-climatechange.at.

All info on the camp you can find here.

Ende Gelände (D) 25th to 28th October 2018

Our form of action is an announced mass blockade with a wide set of possibilities to participate – following the example of the successful blockades of 2015 and 2017 in the Rhineland and 2016 in the Lausitz. Whether experienced in protests or not, everyone will get a chance to participate: We will block technical infrastructure like rail tracks, access roads and diggers to disconnect the coal plants from their supply of coal. We will take straw mattresses with us, so that we will be able to organize ourselves comfortably during the blockade. With a variety of banners, thematically linked objects and posters we will show the different destructive consequences of the mining and burning of coal.

If you are interested in networking to Ende Gelände in Vienna or just want to know more, then just write to: austria@ende-gelaende.org

More info here.

Code Rood (NL)

This is CODE ROOD against climate change!

To stop climate change oil, gas and coal need to stay in the ground. However, the Netherlands are well behind when it comes to effectively counter climate change. The port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam count as two of the biggest ports for the export and import of oil, petrol and coal. While climate change is becoming more and more threatening, politics and industry fail to take concrete measures. For this reason, we sound the alarm with hundreds of people: the climate is on red alert!

A mass action is set to take place of 28th August.

COP 24 Katowice (PL)

COP 24 stands for the „24th Session of the of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”. It too will be accompanied by large protests and creative actions to point to the necessity of immediately taking action to curb the climate crisis and a good life for all as well as climate justice.

System Change, not Climate Change!