Climate camps constitute the core of the international climate movement. For a couple of days, we will live together in a self-organized way, educate ourselves and design actions. The camp is there to create a space for exchange and inspiration. A place in which people come together to think up strategies for a transformation towards a Good Life for All.

The Climate Camp rests on the contributions and co-design of everyone participating. We wish for a diverse and exciting program and thereby especially count on your knowledge, your experience and your creativity. We look forward to your contributions – let’s learn from each other!

We want to encourage you to contribute a diverse set of activities to the program that fit in content-wise with the topics of climate change, climate justice, system change or actions of social movements. We have agreed in the organizing team that we would like to reach a balanced ratio in the workshops of 1/3 theoretical framework and analysis, 1/3 skills for activism and 1/3 lived alternatives/DIY. We look forward to your submissions on these interconnected subject areas of the socio-ecological transformation.

In order to make planning easier, we would like to ask you to send a short description of your contributions until April 25th 2018 at the latest to We will sort the contributions, cluster them and let you know by May 2nd where in the program we can place your contribution. Unfortunately, should there be too many submissions we won’t be able to consider them all and will have to make a selection based on how well the workshops fit with our concept. Our experience of the last years has shown that participants have a hard time deciding when there are too many workshops. In this case, less is simply more.

The workshops will take place from Wednesday (30.5) to Saturday (2.6); it is possible to conduct workshops on every day in either morning or afternoon, the duration of the workshops should be 2 hours. We’re sorry that we can’t pay any remuneration, but you can settle the costs for materials with us and we can cover travel expenses :).

This year there will be three areas:

1) Theoretical approaches to and analyses of socio-ecological transformation: theories are usually the result of long (scientific) debates. For social movements and political groups, it is important to abstract from local problems and open up critical spaces of reflection for the things experienced. To formulate effective strategies and actions for a socio-ecological transformation we need to understand our society of multiple crises: How are local conflicts connected with global dynamics? How does our economic system function and what are its effects on climate? Which considerations concerning change and transformation exist already?

2) Skills for activism: Changes are always the result of processes of negotiation. Social movements have a lot of experience with underlining their demands by creative means so that the demands be perceived by the public appropriately. Therefore, we call for the submission of workshops on forms of action that take up topics in a diverse and original way and inspire participants to think and act.

3) Lived alternative and DIY: a socio-ecological transformation also requires examples of how we can live together in a good way. Whether utilization of renewable energy sources, growing food, producing natural cosmetics or social learning and group processes – for all areas there already many promising approaches. We want to hear about your experiences and would like even more to get active ourselves right away.

Format: Many formats for your activities in the program are conceivable and possible. Yet, we would like to ask you to state in your application whether you are planning a simple presentation or something different, that is an interactive format (discussion, small group work, nature walk, game…).

Language: Please specify in which language you will carry out your contribution. We would be very happy about Inputs or workshops also in English.

Materials: We ask everyone contributing to the program to provide the necessary equipment by themselves if possible. If this should not be possible for you, please contact us in time so that we can support you. Unfortunately, projectors can’t be used since the light in the tents is too bright.

Please write your planned contributions to the program per mail to until April 25th 2018 at the latest. With the following information: requested surnames (and names), topic and short description (200-500 words), duration, preferred day and second option, language, format (presentation/interactive/discussion…), (materials).

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