Our third climate camp took place from May 30th to June 3rd. This year, we set up our tents in Wolkersdorf in the Weinviertel-region upon invitation of the organic farmer Maria Vogt. Maria’s dairy sheep kindly moved from their idyllic pasture to make room for our tents. For the first time, various movements and initiatives designed parts of the climate camp. The Nyéléni-movement, the Interventionist Left and Bikekitchen Wien were each represented by a district, a so-called barrio. Also beyond the barrios the camp was characterized by networking. In this regard, the Climate Justice Action Network – the international grassroots movement for climate justice – invited participants to a kick-off meeting for a closer cooperation. Participants from at least 9 countries discussed a common increase of the dimensions and speed of local struggles until 2020.

Photos of the Climate Camp

Klimacamp 2018

With the  Climate Games represented further premiere was invited to the Climate Camp: for the first time, the Climate Games took place in Austria after Paris, Amsterdam and Basel. In a relaxed atmosphere on the Climate Camp, brainstorming, preparation and practice for creative actions took place. During the “games days”, on Friday and Saturday, people and groups targeted places in which the climate crisis is created: the airport, car traffic, the oil and gas business of the OMV, but equally the production of knowledge at the university of economics, where a banner with the famous saying of Kenneth Boulding was displayed: „Anyone believing exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is a madman or an economist”. Thus, the focus was not only put on internal networking, but also on the joint action against climate offenders. The Climate Games came to a close with a “Degrowth-picnic” in front of the Votive Church. A large sun was formed with a human chain: as a symbol for the radiance that the Climate Camp and actions of the “Climate Games” need to have in society for them to initiate the processes of change that are necessary in the latter in order to curb the climate crisis.

Photos of the Climate Games

Climate Games 2018

A flashback in numbers

350 people took part in the Climate Camp – some of them from Wednesday to Saturday, others even longer including the setup and deconstruction

37 workshops ranging from a press training, to a contentual immersion into climate justice or the construction of tripods provided vast opportunities for exchange and learning from each other

1 guided tour of the farm by our host, ÖBV-farmer Maria Vogt, offered an insight into the vegetable-and dairy sheep farm to 40 participants

1 solar trailer functioned as a power source and provided sufficient energy for three concerts as well as DJs on Saturday

6 Öklos (ecological toilets) and a self-built composting toilet were the loos of the camp – their content will be used as agricultural fertilizer

40 people from more than 20 groups connected at a meeting of the Climate Justice Action Network, which was a guest at the Climate Camp

2 carrier bicycles of the kitchen, 1 geodome, 1 vegetable crusher and more than 20 different people all over the camp in the team of the kitchen collective “minimal.is.mus” enabled:

2000 warm meals (not counting breakfast)

100% of the vegetables were saved from the organic waste bin, complemented by mint and lettuce that our host Maria Vogt had grown for us

1 panel discussion on the common points of different struggles for climate justice showed the enormous potential there is for future cooperation

4 bands and singers and songwriters/singer-songwriters offered a wonderful music programme and many more people delighted during the open stage through acrobatics and music

18 creative actions with more than 200 participants marked places of climate injustice in Vienna and at the Vienna International Airport during the Climate Games

10 Gehzeuge (walkmobiles) were build on the camp and drew attention to the unbelievable consumption of space by cars in the city during the Climate Games

Around 10 children and the sweetest childcare-team started various experiments with wooden blocks, drowsy moments and lots of cuddling


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