A note from the team for privacy:

We deal with your data with confidence. We are not a for-profit club and we have no interest in selling or otherwise disclosing the information you provide to us. Of course we can not host all services ourselves (eg e-mail distribution list, website, etc), only very large companies can. Therefore, we take the services of third parties such as. the Riseup Collective . We use two different newsletter service providers to keep you up to date on climate justice issues (see Newsletter below). We host this website on servers of WordPress, and since we also use services from, for example, Facebook and Twitter on this website, their data processing policies apply accordingly if you use those areas. This is especially relevant because of the cookies these companies use. It should be noted that these practices are ubiquitous on the web. At the moment you can hardly miss such cooperations, if you want to have a certain reach. Another important reason for a system change.
Find our privacy policy in German here. Due to limited ressources from our side, we cannot provide a full text translation into English.

We would like to thank the Fundraising Verband Österreich , the Netzwerk Zivilgesellschaft , the law firm Dr. med. Thomas Schwenke and various online articles that helped us with the creation.

System Change, not Climate Change!