This year there’s gonna be several initiatives and movements that create parts of the climate camp. The so called barrios work like neighbourhoods inside the bigger climate camp. Learn more about the barrios and their program.

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WS: (D… Deutsch/German, E… Englisch/English)


There will be childcare on tursday, friday and saturday from 10am to 7pm, eating times excluded. There’s also gonna be a kids space with several materials. Find the childrens program here.

Special sessions

This year we gonna have special sessions outside the regular workshop program

CIRCA Clownworkshop, Thu 31st May 10 am- 6 pm: tryout workshop for all experience levels and age groups (from 0 to infinite). The workshop deals with the clown as a tool to break the power relations between repressive powers and the oppressed and open up scopes of action for oneself and others in political struggles. It is conceived as an introduction to later carry on dealing with the clown as a tool of activism, the emphasis does not lie on the theatrical clowns on stage.

The “sketches” emerging from the workshop can be further rehearsed during the Climate Camp and played (with instructions) on the streets in Wolkersdorf during the action days.

Climate Justice Action Network meeting: “Turning the Tide: streaming together towards 2020”, Fr. 1.6. 10-17:30 Uhr: Kick-off meeting for an international climate justice mobilization until 2020. In English only.

Many of us feel the need to scale up our actions in response to accelerating climate change and global injustice. A lot of us have the vision that our actions are expressed as inter-connected elements in a common long-term escalation strategy, consisting of ongoing, increasingly inclusive and radical campaigns.

So let’s connect our diverse local struggles – against mines or pipelines, against plastic production or agro-industry, against banks and borders. Let’s connect them for a huge mobilization for climate justice and system change, culminating in a massive uprising in 2020.

This is the crazy plan. At this meeting, and afterwards, we will put it all into practice. Please contact us if you plan to come, this helps us to prepare the agenda: by2020we at

Captor Workshop, Fri 1st June 8 – 9:30 am: Design challenge in the morning – how can we raise awareness for air pollution, especially ozone, in the countryside? We start with an introduction to air pollution through ozone and self-built measuremnt tools for ozone. Then we will brainstorm ideas on how to raise awareness for air pollution problems. Also, we want the peole to get to know where the ozone measurement tools are located. We also bring a self-build ozone measurement tool with a construction plan.

From Sibylle Egger, GLOBAL 2000

Evolutionary movement – workshop, Fri 1st June 8:30 – 9:30 am: evolutionary movement is a form of meditation in fluid movements, based on evolutionary medicine, yoga, ballet, tai ji, and other martial and healing arts. Through the movements of evolutionary movement a person enters the meditative state of Wu-Shen that frees heart and spirit from emotional imbalances, loosens up tensions in the body and activates self-healing powers. In this state it is possible to act or interact with people in a compassionate way. Evolutionary movement supports the diversity of behaviours, understanding and empathy, that makes us cooperate in the maintenance of diversity in behaviours and movements. Following the principles of movements by which all organisms of the ecospehere organize themselves, the macrocosm, the evolution of the biosphere and the protection of species biodiversity can be made tangible through the development of the own ability to move.  By Mag. Dr. Lucas Pawlik

screen printing: during the whole camp there’s gonna be a screen printing workhsop where you can print own clothes or textiles.

evening program



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We 30.5.

7-8pm :: Welcome-Plenary [G, E]

8-9 pm :: quiz on food sovereignty :: When poison on the fields destroys the plants..then also the birds fall silent

Which three corporations dominate the seed market? Do you know three public persons advocating for a sustainable agriculture? And what kind of animal is the Coburg-fox actually? At this quiz we will need experts in agricultural policy and tomato specialists: Which team will win? Moderation: Lisa Rail

At nightfall: Filmscreening :: Zeit für Utopien (Utopia Revisited)

Sustainability is the catchword of our times. If one takes the word seriously, then it stands for a change of thinking and action – moving away from the penny-pinching mentality, from the throw-away society and profit maximization. Even though changes are also possible on a small scale we often fail to implement sustainability in our daily lives. The film “Utopia Revisited“ shows life-affirming, positive examples of how we achieve a lot with ideas and a sense of community.

1.5 million people can be fed with exclusively regional, fresh organic food and urban living is possible at a fraction of the energy currently used per capita. A smartphone can also be produced in a fair way and a tea factory, formerly owned by the Unilever corporation, is functioning quite well in self-administration. Utopia Revisited is an inspiring cinematic journey of discovery to the creators of a new society.

from 10 pm :: Between light and shadow – A night walk in search of a holistic world experience, regeneration and inspiration

Especially the noise and illumination caused by car and air traffic contribute significantly to the loss of the night. Against this background, I would like to go together with 6-12 participants on a search for the ecological, physical and cultural meanings of the natural night by means of meditation, open observation of nature and open discussions. I can offer the night walk on several evenings between Wednesday and Saturday. In German language, and English if requested. By Alexander Kühn

Do 31.5.

7-8 pm :: plenary [G, E]

8 pm :: 10 min surprise play by the association Geh mit Uns

8:10 pm :: panel discussion:: Making a bigger difference together: Intersections of our struggles

Over the course of the last years, the climate justice movement has grown and diversified. An variety of alliances with other movements and actors has developed that go beyond the selective joint appearance at international climate conferences. Activists, scientists, NGOs, normal people, conscious businesses, heads of state, as well as cities and municipalities are already working together to halt climate change. Climate camps play a central role in connecting different movements. They enable to get to know the batltes fought by others and discuss points of contact. This year, nine large climate camps will be taking place in Europe alone and the space is used more and more to also connect with other struggles. In 2014, the first German climate camp took place, to which different movements were invited to contribute their topics. Last year, queer-feminist and de-colonial were strongly involved in Ende Gelände, the big lignite blockade in the Rhineland,  for the first time.

Just as on the European level, the climate movement developed in close coopeartion with the globalization critical movement attac in Austria; for this reason, we want to strengthen the connection to other movements and start common discussions this year. For the first time,  Nyéléni, the movement for food sovereignty, Bikekitchen Vienna and the Interventionist Left have designed part of the Climate Camp. Cliamte change is an enormous societal challenge, but politics in Austria and the world count on business as usual and the cementing of fossil fuel infrastructures, such as the 3rd Runway. Only if we join forces, find thematical intersections and jointly build up pressure we can overcome the climate crisis.


Nyéléni/ÖBV-Via Campesina – Julianna Fehlinger

Interventionist Left

OBRA/Plattform 20 000 Frauen – Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki

Turning the Tide (CJA network)

System Change, not Climate Change!

Fr 1.6.

7-8 pm :: plenary with an input by the platform “radical left” on EU council presidency in September and the planned protests [D, E]

from 8 pm Waldfee

Cornelia Presich is an Austrian musician and teacher of herbalism with Viennese roots – but she is better known unter the name of WALDFEE! “Musical nature education” is how she calls the special connection that her songs build up to knowledge about wild plants and natural rhythms…and these songs she will share with us on Friday evening at the climate camp!

from 10pm onwards: Open stage: acrobatics& music

We want to give the many talented visitors of the Climate Camp the opportunity to participate themselves in the programme with their own cultural contributions. (Almost) everything is allowed – music, satirical shows, theatrical performances, poetry slams, acrobatics – while we`re especially looking forward to contributions that fit the topic of climate justice. As a preparation and special event there is going to be a slam workshop by the famous slammer Fanny Fanos. We ask you to sign up for it at the info-tent!

Moderation: Julian Leutgeb, Veronika Vitovec

Sa 2.6.

7-8 pm :: Climate Games closing plenary [D, E]

From 8 pm :: closing party with


Alicia Edelweiß

Many years did Alicia Edelweiss spend as a traveller and dedicate her time to street music and to writing her own music. Yet, the life as singer-songwriter roaming about got too boring after all and she returned to Vienna – with a new goal: to continue studying the art of storytelling and performing. On Saturday you can see her live at the Climate Camp.


Sparkling Eyes

Sparkling Eyes are actually a duo – Nadide und Bernhard Ruthammer -, but they often play with other musicians. They build up suspense through their varied compositions, which then turns into goose bumps again and again. Many descriptions have been proposed for their music already, from “White Gipsy” to “Lyrical Ska”. In any case, they stimulate thinking, encourage action and the dancing starts all by itself…on Saturday at the Climate Camp

Nadide Ruthammer: violin, guitar, vocals

Bernhard Ruthammer: vocals, guitar

Florian Schweitzer: bass

Dominik Guzei: percussion and vocals

Benjamin Guzei: guitar and vocals


Cafe Olga Sanchez

How can we even describe the music of Café Olga Sanchez? Maybe as liquid magic that floats from their instruments into the legs of the audience and makes everyone dance?

Café Olga Sanchez stands for world music and rhythms from all corners of the world – the Balkan meets Samba, Reggaeton meets Cumbia – you can’t quite imagine that? Well, then it’s just great that they are going to grace us with their presence at the Climate Camp and that you can get to know them there!




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System Change, not Climate Change!