Climate Camp 2018 from 30 May to 3 June

Call us if you have any questions regarding the camp: +43 677 628 511 50

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Climate camps are the heart of the international climate movement. For a few days we will live together in a self-organized way, networking, forming and shaping actions. The camp should provide space for the exchange of ideas, interests and information and it should be a place of inspiration. A place where people come together to think together about creative actions and strategies for the transformation towards a good life for all.

The program will again include theoretical and practical workshops, open spaces, podium discussions and a diverse cultural program. The camp needs your support – each of us can contribute individually and actively participate in the camp.

This year, various social movements and initiatives will be our guests at the climate camp. Until now, the Nyéléni-movement Austria, the interventionist left and the Bikekitchen will organize a Barrio. The so called Barrios work like neighbourhoods and provide own program points. Learn more about the Barrios here.

Make the camp a colorful, open and exciting place!

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At “I’m comming” you can sign up for the info-mail, so you get the latest informations. There is also a  car-sharing-platform.

A climat camp costs money. We are happy about donations.

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