Expansion plans of Vienna Airport

In February 2017, the Austrian Federal Administrative Court came to the conclusion that building a third runway in Vienna would lead to too many greenhouse gas emissions and would destroy too much agricultural land. The public interest of climate mitigation and food production were rated higher than economic growth and jobs.
Find the court decision in German here. Find a professional translation of the court decision’s most important part (the last 21 pages) here, and a non-professional translation of the whole decision here. Also, we recommend reading the summary and conclusions by Global 2000.

This was a great victory which also had to do with the long resistance against the airport – on a legal as well as public pressure level. In October 2016 we had organized an action at the airport, at the same time while actions at airports around the world were taking place. The motto: „Stay grounded. Aviation growth cancelled due to climate change„.

But already few months after the landmark decision, end of June 2017, the higher constitutional court ruled that the decision was wrong and unconstitutional! The court claimed that not all flight emissions could be accounted for, and that only the emissions during take off and landing should be calculated as effects from the third runway. (So who is responsible for the other emissions? Nobody? The atmosphere?). They also claimed that environmental concerns can only be taken into account as public interests if they can be directly deduced from the aviation law (Luftfahrtgesetz). This is equally strange, because environmental protection is part of the Austrian constitution. All leads to our conclusion that the immense pressure from politicians and media, that had followed the positive court decision, had its effects…
Here’s the German press release from the court: https://www.vfgh.gv.at/medien/Flughafen_3._Piste.de.php

The next steps are that the Austrian Federal Administrative Court has to again decide on the third runway. We expect this to take a year or longer. Then, if the third runway is allowed, the airport could immediately start with the construction. This is why we need to build more resistance on the ground, and grow political pressure so that Austria’s most polluting project won’t be built!

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